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State & County QuickFacts

Printing state maps

QuickFacts state maps are specifically designed to maximize on-line clarity. They are large and include text that is easy to read.

Although most maps will print on an 8.5 by 11 inch paper with a standard printers, some are too large. Use this table to determine best page orientation for printing a specific map. A few maps have been scaled for printing, though there is a loss of clarity.

State Page Orientation
Alabama portrait
Alaska landscape
Arizona portrait
Arkansas landscape
California portrait
75% scaled
Colorado landscape
Connecticut landscape
Delaware portrait
District of Columbia portrait
Florida landscape
75% scaled
Georgia portrait
85% scaled
Hawaii portrait
Idaho portrait
Illinois portrait
Indiana portrait
Iowa landscape
Kansas landscape
Kentucky landscape
80% scaled
Louisiana landscape
90% scaled
Maine portrait
Maryland landscape
Massachusetts landscape
Michigan portrait
90% scaled
Minnesota portrait
90% scaled
Mississippi portrait
Missouri landscape
90% scaled
Montana landscape
Nebraska landscape
Nevada portrait
New Hampshire portrait
New Jersey portrait
New Mexico landscape
90% scaled
New York landscape
90% scaled
North Carolina landscape
90% scaled
North Dakota landscape
Ohio portrait
85% scaled
Oklahoma landscape
Oregon landscape
Pennsylvania landscape
Rhode Island portrait
South Carolina landscape
South Dakota landscape
Tennessee landscape
80% scaled
Texas landscape
75% scaled
Utah portrait
Vermont portrait
Virginia landscape
90% scaled
Washington landscape
West Virginia landscape
90% scaled
Wisconsin landscape
85% scaled
Wyoming landscape

Download all State maps.