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Minority- and Women-Owned Firms

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2002 Economic Census: Survey of Business Owners. Updated every 5 years.


The 2002 Survey of Business Owners (SBO) provides basic economic data on businesses owned by women, Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Asians, and Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders. The published SBO data cover number of firms, gross receipts, number of paid employees, and annual payroll.

The SBO includes all nonfarm businesses filing 2002 tax forms as individual proprietorships, partnerships, or any type of corporation, and with receipts of $1,000 or more. The SBO covers both firms with paid employees and firms with no paid employees. The SBO is conducted on a company or firm basis rather than an establishment basis. A company or firm is a business consisting of one or more domestic establishments that the reporting firm specified under its ownership or control at the end of 2002. Most other data from the Economic Census are reported on an establishment basis rather than a firm basis.

Business ownership is defined as having 51 percent or more of the stock or equity in the business and is categorized by:

Estimates for publicly held companies and other businesses whose ownership cannot be classified by gender, Hispanic or Latino origin, and race are tabulated and published separately.

The race categories and Hispanic subgroups used in the 2002 SBO are consistent with those mandated by the Office of Management and Budget. These standards were developed by both the Executive Branch and Congress.

Detail may not add to total because a Hispanic or Latino firm may be of any race. Moreover, each owner had the option of selecting more than one race and is included in each race selected. Firms with more than one domestic establishment are counted in each industry and geographic area in which they operate.

Scope and Methodology:

The percent of women-owned firms and the percent owned by one of the specified groups is determined by dividing the number of firms owned by that group by the number of all firms in the same area. The data are shown in the link below. Data are not shown wherever there are fewer than 100 firms owned by the specified group.

These data were obtained from a stratified sample of firms. Estimates are subject to sampling variability. Standard errors are published in the detailed data sets linked below. Data are shown with an "S" where publication standards are not met, such as, the firm count is less than 3, or the relative standard error of the sales and receipts is 50 percent or more.

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