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Households, Persons Per Household, and Households with Individuals Under 18 Years, 2000

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2000 Census of Population, Profiles of General Demographic Characteristics. Updated every 10 years.


A household includes all the persons who occupy a housing unit. A housing unit is a house, an apartment, a mobile home, a group of rooms, or a single room that is occupied (or if vacant, is intended for occupancy) as separate living quarters. Separate living quarters are those in which the occupants live and eat separately from any other persons in the building and which have direct access from the outside of the building or through a common hall. The occupants may be a single family, one person living alone, two or more families living together, or any other group of related or unrelated persons who share living arrangements. (People not living in households are classified as living in group quarters.)

Persons Per Household is obtained by dividing the number of persons in households by the number of households (or householders).

Houseolds with individuals under 18 years includes not only families with related children but also all other households in which a person under 18 is present. The data are expressed here as a percent of all households.

Scope and Methodology:

These data were derived from answers to questions included on the every census form (100%) sent to households. In 100-percent tabulations, as shown here, the count of households or householders always equals the count of occupied housing units. In sample tabulations, the numbers may differ as a result of the weighting process.

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