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State & County QuickFacts

Download the Database

The entire State and County QuickFacts dataset, with U.S., state, and county data is available for download. Downloadable data files for cities may be issued later. The current downloadable data set may include items not displayed on QuickFacts tables.

Please note that the data file format has changed. Data flags are now in a separate file.

Flags -- Some data items are represented by a flag. Footnotes -- Those footnotes that appear for all geographic areas are not shown here. Footnotes that are applicable only to selected areas are provided in two files:

To add descriptive column headings to the data in Excel

Columns in DataSet.txt are identified by 9-character mnemonics like PST045214. While the definition of each mnemonic is provided in DataDict.txt, it is frequently preferable to merge them into the data file.

Download DataSet.txt, DataDict.txt, and FIPS_CountyName.txt to a local drive.

Open the file DataDict.txt. You will be prompted through the Text Import Wizard

  1. Click Next
  2. Click and drag the first break point to character 10
  3. Delete each break point (double click on it) that appears after character 10
  4. Confirm or add break points (single click at characters 97, 101, 109, 119, 128, and 138
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Finish
Transpose information from each row to create column headings
  1. Insert 3 blank rows at the top of the DataDict worksheet
  2. Select cells starting with A5 (the one that reads STATECOU) to the cell at the bottom of column B (B58)
  3. Copy it (Edit-Copy or Ctl-C)
  4. Select cell A1
  5. On the Edit menu, click Paste Special
  6. Select the Transpose checkbox, and then click OK
  7. Save as Excel Workbook (.xlsx) or Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls)
Open DataSet.txt and work through the wizard
  1. Make sure the radio button for Delimited is selected; click Next
  2. Put a check mark next to Comma; click Next
  3. Click the radio button for Text with the first column highlighted; for all other columns, the default General format is adequate; click Finish
  4. Insert 3 blank lines at the top of the spreadsheet
Copy headings from DataDict to the top of the DataSet worksheet
  1. Copy the first 2 lines of the DataDict into the first 2 lines of the DataSet spreadsheet
  2. If the mnemonics on on line 1 agree with the mnemonics on line 4, you are set.
  3. Save as Excel Workbook (.xlsx) or Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls)

To add in state and county names to the data in Excel

  1. In the DataSet spreadsheet, add a column to the left of column A to accept the county name
  2. Open the file FIPS_CountyName.txt in Excel
  3. In the import wizard
    1. Select Fixed Width, then Next
    2. Move the break line to the start of the name (character 6), and click Next
    3. Click on the radio button next to Text while the first column is highlighted.
    4. Click Finish
  4. Copy cells B1:B3195, and paste them into the DataSet spreadsheet, into the cell in column A to the left of code 00000 in column B.
  5. Save as Excel Workbook (.xlsx) or Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls)